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PTT (Polytrimethylene Terephthalate) is a polyester fiber, first patented in 1941, but it was not until the 1990s, when Shell Chemicals developed a low-cost method of producing high-quality 1,3-propanediol (PDO), the starting raw material for PTT polyester, that commercial production of the company’s Corterra polymers was possible.

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The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) has set a goal of recycling 0.7 million tons of carpet waste (22%) per year by 2012 in the U.S. There has been significant effort on developing technologies to recover materials from carpet waste, including some large industrial operations to convert carpet waste into plastics and chemicals.

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Recycling of Carpet and Textile Fibers Y. Wang1, Y. Zhang2, M. Polk1, S. Kumar1, and J. Muzzy3 1School of Textile and Fiber Engineering, 3School of Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332 2Honeywell, Inc., Hopewell, VA 23860 A large amount of fibrous waste is generated each year in the United States.

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 · The process uses mechanical force to separate face fiber, backing fiber and calcium carbonate from backing material. No washing, chemicals or high heat are needed. The separated carpet fibers are used as feedstock for chemical recycling to produce virgin-like resin. The fiber also can be pelletized or densified and used in injection molding.

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Due to the high intrinsic viscosityrequirements of the bottle industry, bottle-grade PET resin is superior tovirgin carpet-grade resin in terms of strength. This characteristic is retainedthrough the recycling process due to the fact PET is a thermoplastic materialwhich can be melted and reformed with virtually no change in physicalproperties.

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 · Most recycled plastic is mechanically ground up and “downcycled” into lower quality, nonrecyclable products like carpet fiber or polyester thread. Pyrolysis, however, can break the plastic down into chemical “feedstocks,” which could then be recycled (upcycled) into fuel or even used to create new virgin plastic, a process that could be .

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Carpet/fiber and trims are chopped into small pieces using a single shaft shredder. Shredder Step 2. Grinder Separator Air or liquid The smaller screen in the grinder provides final particle size of 1/4 to 3/8 inch for separation. reduces to 1 to 3 inch pieces Step 1. Shredder Scrap material Fiber Backing

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The material was then injection molded into ASTM type IV dog bones using a Morgan-Press G-55T injection molding machine with a barrel temperature of 245 °C (ASTM D 638, 1941).The ground material initially contained a fiber content that was too high to be effectively injection molded; therefore, a weight equivalent of the polymer precipitated from the dissolution experiment was added to the .

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Within the carpet industry, an example of mechanical recycling would be the shearing of post-consumer, nylon, face fiber to be used in needle-punched underlayment or other consumer products. An example of chemical recycling would be nylon depolymerization, where heat is applied to post consumer nylon to deconstruct polymers into their simplest building blocks (monomers). Once […]

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First, the European Union’s end-of-life-vehicle (ELV) directive requires that 85%, by weight, of the materials used in a car or light truck must be reusable or recyclable.; Second, carbon fiber’s high manufacturing cost and high performance, even in chopped form, make it an attractive recycling target, which is creating market pull for recycled fiber products, most notably, from automotive.

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Pyrolyzed reclaimed fibers reportedly retain virgin carbon fibers’s key performance levels . A test coupon of PArCF30 thermoplastic composites filled with CarboNXT carbon fibers, reclaimed via pyrolysis is displayed by a CFK Valley Recycling technician. Fiber properties, post-pyrolysis, are said to be virtually unchanged from virgin data.


314 / JOURNAL OF MATERIALS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING / NOVEMBER 2000 CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT WITH RECYCLED FIBERS By Youjiang Wang, 1 H. C. Wu, 2 and Victor C. Li3 ABSTRACT: Fiber reinforcement can effectively improve the toughness, shrinkage, and durability characteristics of concrete. The use of recycled fibers from industrial or postconsumer waste offers …

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Recycling is an umbrella term that covers many processes. Another umbrella term is advanced recycling. These are innovative ways of turning used plastics into materials that are as good as new. What Is Advanced Recycling? Advanced recycling refers to processes like chemical recycling, pyrolysis and gasification, which are used to turn plastic polymers back into […]


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19 hours ago · The recycling of the synthetic fiber nylon polyamide, for example, takes place first dividend this material from other waste. There are many ways to turn Polyester in for recycling but fewer for Nylon. Pyrolysis of plastics, tyre, waste oil & lubricants.

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 · McCloskey International, Keene, Ontario, has added shredders to its range of mobile products with its Recycling Division’s debut of the VTS95.. The company says the tracked primary shredder is designed for maximum performance and high productivity. It can effectively shred virtually any type of material from solid waste, industrial and commercial waste to bulk waste and is designed …

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Results for waste and recycling services from ALA, Ecoserv, AQSIQ and other leading brands. Compare and contact a supplier near you

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Chemical recycling, which can take many forms from high-temperature pyrolysis to mild, solution-based catalytic depolymerization, can afford enormous economic and environmental benefits.

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 · Indonesia is a large source of ocean plastics. Midwest Fiber Recycling, Normal, Illinois, announced plans to invest $3 million to equipment additions and upgrades at its material recovery facility (MRF).According to a company news release, the upgrade will enable the facility to more efficiently sort materials from contamination and increase processing capabilities.


High Performance Broadloom Carpet Flooring According to ISO 14025, EN 15804 and ISO 21930:2017 1.12. Use The method of maintenance is using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from carpet. To calculate the use phase energy, three different types of traffic on carpet were modeled, high, medium and low. High traffic areas are

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mechanical recycling does not recover individual carbon fibers. For more efficient fiber reclamation, thermochemical recycling techniques are routinely applied, using thermal (e.g., pyrolysis) or chemical processes to break down the thermoset matrix. [17–23] For example, in …

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 · A solvent-based process will be used to recover polymers from multi-layer flexible packaging and fiber-reinforced plastics, and sorting technologies have been installed in New Zealand’s first PET recycling plant. High-tech reclaimers partner: Circular Polymers, a California company using an advanced …Continue Reading→

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 · It can also be used to make rubber mats, plastics, asphalt, sealing materials, speed bumps, and more. 5. Rubber Powder . Rubber powder is a high-performance, low-cost material that replace oil and rubber based materials. The powder is a sustainable material, and has no adverse effects on humans. The market for rubber powder keeps getting bigger .

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